OWO endeavors to attitudinal change to facilitate sustainable development, socio-economical justice and equity in the society by advocacy, Education, strengthening, awareness, empowering, mobilization & capacity building of women, children and youth. LEARN MORE

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Oriental Women Organization (OWO) is an non-profit organization (NPO) registered since 2003, from Social Welfare Department under NGOs Registration Act 1961, that endeavors for attitudinal change to facilitate sustainable, economical and educational development, socio-ecological justice and equity in the society by empowering people through education, awareness raising, rights-based advocacy and capacity building while believing in the women, youth and children’s advancement as prerequisite of social, political educational and economic development in the region since 1999. OWO conducted workshops on 30 different topics related to women, children, education, gender and law related issues, more than 2000 learners become literate in our literacy centers, more than 1000 women have been providing advice, counseling, legal aid from legal team in Punjab to minimize incidences of violence on women. OWO established 20 NFBEs (Non-Formal Basic Education) and 20 ALCs (Adult Literacy Centers) in Lahore district, with the collaboration of the Literacy Department of Punjab Govt. All details about our work are also given in our web site www.owoPakistan.org.

OWO’s major strength is wide and strong network which includes the Lawyers, Teachers, Journalists, Stakeholders, civil society organizations, students and individuals. Moreover, OWO has excellent collaboration with Law Bar associations, Press Clubs, Civil Society Organizations and International Organizations. OWO also have the trained and experienced staff.

OWO was awarded in 2010 in UN Millennium Review Summit 2010 for work on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Empowerment of Women Youth by “World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)” in partnership of UNGAID, UNIDO, UNESCO, Knight Foundation etc from more than 630 entries of projects from all UN member countries.

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    For interested NGOs and individuals, please find the membership form provided in the links below. You may send them back to us by post, fax or email. Current Member NGOs and individuals are requested to update their contact information and send it back to us at the following email address info@owoPakistan.org.

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    You May Write Us.....

    If you are our member then you may write on any topic, as given below in Urdu, English or in any local language. Qualified prose or poetry will be published in our publications and the copy will sent on your address provided in email. Please send complete contact details.

       Basic Human Rights
       Women's Empowerment
       Women's and Children Rights
       Legal Aid to Women
       Violence Against Women
       Gender Justice
       Community Development
       Non Formal Basic Education
       Adult Literacy
       Democratic Governance
       Good Governance
       Political Education
       Legislative Strengthening
       Women and Politics

    Send your prose or poetry to us on writers@owoPakistan.org

  • OWO Case Study

    I have the 1/8 share
    in my husband's property.

    My name is Zahida Mushtaq and my husband name is Mushtaq Ahmed Mirza and I belongs from the UC 70 of Data Gunj Bukhsh Town of Lahore District. I attended the program of OWO just after Eid ul Fiter 2013 in our town on the topic of Women's Islamic and constitutional right of inheritance.
    In that Program many Lawyers came and aware the ladies for their rights of inheritance. By that programme I become aware that I have the 1/8 share in my husband's property as the lawyers shared in the program.
    I have one son and he physically tortures me and my husband. My husband is suffering from chronic health problem and i shared with him about the program he said you must get your right in my life because after my death our son will not give any single penny to you.
    Therefore i visited OWO office and their lawyers support me in taking my right. .

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OWO News, Jobs & Events

  • OWO Organized Trainings for NGO internal Staff Capacity Building:

    OWO also conducted some trainings for the capacity building of their internal staff according to the need assessment by hiring the external consultant and internal senior staff members. Detail of these trainings is as given below:

    Staff TOT on Disaster Risk Reduction by OWO: (13, 14 May 2014);
    Internal Staff Capacity Building Training session on Data Management System under OWO: (20 December, 2013);
    Training session on Beneficiaries Vulnerability Selection Criteria under OWO: (8 August, 2013);
    Training on Human Rights for OWO Internal Staff by OWO-SPO: (29 June, 2013);

  • Lightening the Thousand Candles with the Messages of Liberty & Protection for Women(3 December, 2013):

    OWO conducted the event on “Lightening the Thousand Candles with the Messages of Liberty & Protection for Women” and the objectives of this activity were:
    • To organize the event in contribution of 16 days activities for violence against women (EVAW campaign), with the participation of Partner organizations, NGOs representatives, members of society and youngsters.
    • To raise the voice on women issues and spread the messages for their protection in all over the country through media and lightening the thousand candles with new hope of liberty.
    • To taking the oath in one voice that our society now will not tolerate the violence on women.

OWO Article/Writings

  • Zeeba T. Hashmi:

    the hurt without pain,
    a cry without tears,
    bravery with cowardice,
    a death without soul,
    the conscience without morals.
    Oh thus we have become immune to adversity,
    like a coffee table newspaper
    we read just like another day.

  • Zeeba T. Hashmi:

    an illusion full of memories,
    there is never a set time for the ultimate
    it is just a spark of light
    before you bid adieu
    but at least there is hope
    of making the world beautiful
    around you
    Fate is determined,
    but destiny remains
    in your hand.
    love it,
    live it,
    cherish it.